Monday, September 26, 2011

Education on-line for development

I will be talking about "Education on-line for development" at the The Sixth Annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum ANU Remote Hub, Australian National University in Canberra, 3pm, 29 September 2011.

The United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2011 is considering how to provide access to knowledge and content via the Internet in developing countries, for education and development. The main obstacle to access to knowledge and content on-line in both developed and developing countries is education. A bootstrap process can be used, where existing Internet access is used to provide better education, which then stimulates economic development and makes faster Internet access affordable.

The Internet was introduced to the government, community and business sectors in developed nations by the education sector and this process can be actively supported in developing nations. An example of how education can be provided on-line at low cost to help development is the work being done on ICT Sustainability. Using open access course content and open source software, professionals are being educated online to improve government and industry energy energy efficiency, in a way which allows for disabilities and multilingualism.

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