Thursday, September 15, 2011

eBook Publishing Tools from LuLu

Print on demand service Lulu have announced a new eBook EPUB Converter and eBook Publishing Tools. Previously I have used LuLu to distribute an ePub version of a book on the Apple iTunes store. Lulu took care of the distribution and sales, but the process of converting my content to the ePub format was not easy. Also it was confusing that the Lulu system treated the ePub version as a separate work, whereas the PDF ebook is managed alongside the print edition.

Lulu claim their new "Lulu EPUB Converter" will automatically fix minor errors, such as fonts and spacing.

Lulu also offer a
EPUB Creator Guide. Curiously they do not offer this on the web, just downloaded in EPUB, PDF, and Ms Word format. It covers topics such as:
  1. Settting up your document's EPUB Table of Contents
  2. Prepare Word to create your document
  3. Prepare your document for Lulu's EPUB Converter
  4. Title, Copyright, and ToC in your document
  5. Styling your document's paragraphs
  6. Fonts/Text in your document
  7. Images in your document
  8. Hyperlinks in your document
  9. Using Styles in your document
  10. Using Indexes, Endnotes, and Footnotes in your document
  11. Troubleshooting Your EPUB Conversion

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