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Teaching Green IT at World Computer Congress 2010

The World Computer Congress 2010 has invited me to talk on "Teaching Sustainable ICT Competencies with Tablet Computers: My first year's experience setting the global standard for professional education" (as featured in my book Green Technology Strategies), in Brisbane in September. This should be a more relaxed experience than WCC 1996, when I was President of the Australian Computer Society, hosting the event in Canberra.

The list of confirmed industry and plenary speakers so far has some familiar names:

WCC 2010 confirmed industry and plenary speakers


  • Nicholas Carr, Author of The Big Switch
  • Prof Penny Sanderson, University of Queensland & NICTA
  • Richard Stallman, Free Software Foundation
  • John Suffolk, CIO, British Government


  • Sir John Daniel, President & CEO, Commonwealth of Learning, Computers for Secondary Schoolchildren: A Busted Flush? New book:
  • Mr Nick Weidemann, CIO, Education Services Australia, Aligning existing digital learning resources and systems with the Australian Curriculum
  • Steve Hargadon, Elluminate's Social Learning Consultant & founder of the Classroom 2.0 social network, Web 2.0 in Action
  • Dr Marcus Bowles, Director, Institute of Working Futures, ICT Competencies
  • Mike Collett & Jenny Hunt with Prof Phil Candy, USQ, Principal Consultants, Schemeta, United Kingdom, E-Learning Readiness Toolkit
  • Prof James Dalziel, Director, Macquarie E-Learning Centre Of Excellence (MELCOE) , Web 2.0 Meets Lesson Plans: Sharing Good eTeaching Ideas
  • Dr Yong-Sang Cho, Director, Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS) which is a government institution of the Ministry of Education & Science Technology (MEST), e-Books & e-Learning The Korean Open Digital Publication Forum
  • Simon Brown,, Success Factors in Online Teaching
  • Carol Skyring , Founder and CEO, LearnTel Pty Ltd, Visual communication: From zoopraxiscope to YouTube
  • Adrian Janson, Director, ICT Melbourne High School, The National ICT Curriculum Controversy
  • Allyn Radford, Director, Learnilities Pty Ltd, Lessons from an Open World
  • Mark Keough, Principal, M2 Consulting, Toward Learning Utility with Ultra Fast Broadband
  • Steve Sudgen, Editor, Spreadsheets in Education, Spreadsheets in Mathematics Education


  • Bill Vargas, CIO, Children’s Hospital - Westmead, eHealth - Beyond a Hospital's Electronic Medical Record, what we do need from a consumer's perspective?
  • Adam Powick, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, eHealth in Australia - The Way Forward
  • John Neville, CEO, Data Agility
  • Peter Grant, Consultant, Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS); Professor Information Systems, QUT & UQ
  • Denis Tebbutt, Managing Director, iSOFT
  • Phil Gurney, Australian e-Health Research Centre


  • Marcus Sachs, Executive Director - Government Affairs for National Security Policy, Verizon, Cyber-espionage and Cyber-warfare
  • Paul Ducklin, Head of Technology, Sophos, Asia Pacific, Malware analysis and detection
  • Dr Peter Gutmann, Researcher - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland, Unsolveable problems in computer security (TBC)
  • Dr Wietse Venema, Research staff member, IBM T.J. Watson researchcenter in the USA, Software security and secure programming


  • Dr Eva Hopper, European Patent Office, Intersection between protecting IP and making innovation happen – in time!
  • Mr Ralf Abbing, European Patent Office, What are the “big” issues in IP in relation to computing technology?
  • Lachlan James, Business Director, NICTA’s Queensland Laboratory, Innovation processes in Commercialization of ICT
  • Robert Hillard, Partner, Consulting, Enterprise Information Management, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu , Information-Driven Business
  • Peter Nevin, Executive General Manager - Business Processes, Sedgman Limited (previously CIO Apac, Sinclair Knight Merz)
  • Vince Gill, Director, Capability Consulting, IT is not about me
  • Guido Governatori, Business Process Compliance Project Leader, NICTA’s Queensland Laboratory, IT role in business process compliance
  • Stephen Kowal, General Manager - Finance, CSC, TBA

  • Dharmender Kapoor, Associate Vice President, HCL


  • Peter Harrison, IBM, Value Governance
  • Peter Carr, Longhaus
  • Peter Green, University of Queensland, TBA

  • Tony Hayes, Director, ISACA
  • Carsten Larsen, CIO, Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
  • Rimas Skeivys, Principal, Ugovern, Governance of IT - the role of the project sponsor


  • Bianca Wirth, CEO, Computers Off, The global "Computers Off" campaign
  • Graeme Philipson, Research Director, Connection Research, Australia’s IT Carbon Footprint
  • Bob Hayward, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, CSC Australia & Asia, Data Centre and Cloud Computing innovation
  • Glenn Gore, CTO, MelbourneIT, Enterprise virtualisation automation and green computing
  • Dr Paul Campbell, Principal Consultant, Cogentia, Control Modelling and Energy efficiency in Software Engineering
  • Josh Millen, Corporate Social Responsibility, AIIA, A national approach to eWaste management
  • Tom Worthington, Australian National University, Green ICT Education of ICT professionals
  • Phillip Nyssen, Delivering sustainable business benefits through GreenIT
  • Turlough Guerin, General Manager - Sustainability, Telstra, The Australian NBN enabling sustainable workforces
  • Craig Roussac, General Manager, Sustainability, Safety and Environment Investa Property Group, Buildings come clean: it’s time to see the data!


  • Ashley Goldsworthy, Director, Unidap Solutions; Chairman, CertainEdge, Business Models of the Future - Certain Edge / Unidap Solutions
  • Ben Patey, CIO, CSC Australia, Leveraging Social Networking
  • Brett Hooker, MD Roarz
  • Clarence Tan, Qld Technologist in residence, Enabling mobile transactions with information assurance
  • Craig Batty, CTO, Fujitsu, Changing Needs of Data Centres and use of Clouds (TBA)
  • Damian Hickey, CEO, Zac-Ware, Profits and pitfalls of segmenting web presences on a regionalised basis
  • Dharmender Kapoor, Associate Vice President, HCL Australia
  • Dr Kelvin Ross, Managing Director, How does Australian Industry Measure Up for Software Testing and Quality
  • Ian Dennis, Chairman, Whitehorse Strategic, Changing structure of ICT occupations and the ICT industry in the Digital Economy
  • Jackie Korhonen, CEO, Infosys Australia
  • John Puttick, Chairman, GBST Holdings, If IT is to be…
  • M. Rosemann and Stephen Goodwin from BAC, Professor, Airport of the Future
  • Nick Brandt, CIO, Brisbane City Council, Virtualisation and Clouds (TBC)
  • Peter Effeney, CEO, Sparq Solutions, Electricity Utility related presentation
  • Peter Grant, Consultant, Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS); Professor Information Systems, QUT & UQ, Influencing Industry and Government Technology Decisions and Alliancing
  • Prof Reg Coutts, Principal, Coutts Communications, Network of the Future
  • Prof Simon Kaplan, Executive Dean, QUT - Science and Technology, Socio-Technical Networks - Panel Discussion
  • Robert Hillard, Partner, Consulting, Enterprise Information Management, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Information-Driven Business
  • Rob Livingstone, CIO, Ricoh, Is your organization instrument-rated to fly in the cloud?
  • Rohit Gandhi, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Satyam
  • Scott Stewart, CIO, Wilson HTM, Convergent roles of IT and Business
  • Stephen Kowal, CSC General Manager Financial Services; Past Vice President, ACS
  • Stuart Guest Smith, Thoughtworks, Agile delivery and unique models
  • Todd McGregor, Commercial Director, Any3 connectivity – Anywhere, Any place, Any time
  • Max Jennings, Director, Wireless Engineering Telstra, Mobile / comms network design, embedded systems
  • ACS Award Nominee, Student, Super Performance Database Web Grid (with Locked Record update)
  • Aileen Cater-Steele, CS Award Nominee, IT Service Management
  • Les Williamson, Vice President, Cisco Australia & New Zealand
  • Phil Mumford, CEO, QLD Motorways, Free Flow Tolling
  • Baden Sharples, CIO, Qsuper, Transformation Change


  • Fergus Carroll, General Manager, Krome Studios
  • Morgan Jaffitt, Impossible Changing Brain Foundation, Casual Game Development in Australia
  • John Passfield, Chief Creative Bloke 3 Blokes Studios, Social Games
  • George Fidler, Business side of Casual Game Start-Ups
  • Eve Penford-Dennis, FreePlay, Creative Side of Games


  • Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director, OLPC, One Laptop Per Child Program
  • Anastasia Govan, ACS NT Branch Chair and the First YIT Board Director. Anastasia won the 2006 Young Professional of the Year Award, How I made a Business out of Information Management
  • Jill Noble, Pivotal HR Resume Professionals, Communication with a focus on speaking and elocution for Young ICT Professionals
  • AJ Kulatunga, Darwin-based entrepreneur
  • John Ridge AM, Executive Director, ACS Foundation, Accelerating Your Career
  • Kate Southam, TBA

Pearcey Roundtable

  • Dr David Skellern, NICTA
  • Dr Alex Zelinsky, CSIRO
  • Dr Arun Sharma, QUT
  • Dr Rohan Gilmore, AIC
  • David Waldie, Allegro Networks

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