Thursday, June 03, 2010

Mitsubishi Electric Cars for Lease

Mitsubishi i MiEVMitsubishi has written to offer me one of the first forty i-MiEV electric car cars due in Australia by August 2010. I can lease one for $1,740 per month, over three years. In January I had a test drive of the i-MiEV in Canberra. My conclusion was that the car worked fine, but did not provide any environmental benefits over the petrol powered model it was based on and was too expensive.

The cost of the car over three years would be $62,640.00. That is least twice as expensive as a premium conventional petrol powered small car. If the electric car is recharged from ordinary coal generated electricity it will cause about the same amount of pollution as the cheaper petrol model. If run on green power, the i-MiEV would be even more expensive. There are cheaper and greener options for Australian motoring than the i-MiEV and so I will not be leasing one.

iMiEV is the new fully electric four door urban commuter vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors.

The intelligent four door hatch can comfortably seat up to four occupants plus cargo, and comes equipped with a comprehensive list of standard features, including ABS, driver and passenger airbags, air conditioning, and power windows.

The fully electric vehicle creates zero drive time emissions. Its small, highly efficient motor is powered by high capacity lithium-ion batteries which can be fully charged through a household power socket in seven hours.

The electric motor produces an impressive 47kW of power and 180Nm of torque and can achieve a top speed of 130km/h. Generating its maximum torque instantly, its performance is surprisingly better than comparable petrol vehicles (Compared to i petrol model).
47kW electric motor
180 Nm from stall
Zero CO2 output, when using green power
Seating for four adults
Using a 15amp, 240V outlet the can be charged (from empty) in 7 hours
High capacity lithium-ion batteries
Range up to 160kms on a single charge
Dual front airbags
ABS brakes
Four seater
Regenerative braking
Three drive modes:
• (D) Full power
• (E) Eco mode for greater economy
• (B) Brake mode for maximum regenerative braking
Whisper quiet operation
Speed limited to 130km/h

Major Dimensions & Packaging
Overall Length (mm) 3,395
Overall Width (mm) 1,475
Overall Height (mm) 1,610
Wheelbase (mm) 2,550
Wheel Track : Front (mm) 1,310
Wheel Track : Rear (mm) 1,270
Seating Capacity (persons) 4
Drive System 2WD

Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous
Maximum Output (kW/rpm) 47/3000-6000
Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) 180/0-2000
Fuel Consumption (Km/L) 10.15 mode, IW = 1,000kg –
Power Consumption (W.h/km) 10.15 mode, IW = 1,250kg 125
Range (km) 10.15 mode, IW = 1,250kg 160
Noise (dB) –
Acceleration 69
Constant Throttle 67
Battery & Charging
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Total Battery Voltage 330V
Total Energy Capacity (kWh) 16
Trickle Charge – 240V (15A)
Charging Time to 100% (hours) 7
Connection SAE J1772
Fast Charge – 3 Phase 200V 50kW
Charging Time to 80% (mins) 30
Connection JEVS G105

Text from: "iMiEV SPECIFICATION OVERVIEW", Mitsubishi Motors, 2010

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