Thursday, June 10, 2010

AARNet: 20 Years of the Internet in Australia

The full text of the book "AARNet 20 Years of the Internet in Australia 1989–2009" (By Glenda Korporaal, 2009) is now available free online. AARnet have provided their 130 page book as one large PDF file and as separate chapters:

  1. Chapter 1: The Rise of the Internet: Borne in the USA (PDF 3 Mb)
  2. Chapter 2: Australia Begins its Journey (PDF 4 Mb)
  3. Chapter 3: AARNet rolls out: 1990-1993 (PDF 3 Mb)
  4. Chapter 4: The cuckoo in the nest (PDF 3 Mb)
  5. Chapter 5: A new direction (PDF 5 Mb)
  6. Chapter 6: The great leap forward (PDF 2 Mb)
  7. Chapter 7: The road to AARNet3 (PDF 3 Mb)
  8. Chapter 8L: Web 2.0 – A new world (PDF 2 Mb)
  9. Chapter 9: The road ahead (2 Mb PDF)
AARNet – 20 years of the Internet in Australia documents the history of how the Internet network was established in Australia through AARNet. The book explores how Australia’s commercial Internet network, as we know it today, was originally developed by AARNet. It also documents key individuals, events and milestones that led to the growth and development of a high-speed Internet network dedicated to Australia’s research and education institutions. ...

From: Pioneer of the Internet launches book to commemorate historical milestones, AARnet, 26 Nov 2009

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