Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Motorised Esky at CeBit

 John Ridge on the CSU Motorised EskyCharles Sturt University gave away a motorised drinks cooler (the "CSU Motorised Esky") at the CeBit exhibition last week. John Ridge, Executive Director of the ACS Foundation, rode this diminutive battery electric vehicle around the exhibition floor (see video). The vehicle consists of a large rigid plastic drinks cooler fitted with batteries and an electric motor driving the two rear wheels. There is a single wheel fitted to the front with handlebars similar to a child's scooter. The rider sits on the box and places their feet on motorcycle type pegs at the front. There is a throttle and brakes. I then had a go, finding it remarkably stable and easy to operate. I took a spin through the Australian Government stand, there being a lot of unused space in the middle of this.

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