Thursday, January 09, 2014

Planning to Use Broadband in Australia

In "It’s time for politicians to get technical" (AFR, 3 January 2014), Paul Smith writes about how broadband might be used in Australia. Amongst many others,  I get quoted about the effect on regional employment:
 Tom Worthington, an adjunct senior lecturer at the Australian National University’s school of computer science, also believes the advent of high-speed internet may not prove to be the boon for regional Australian living that many imagine.
He says while better broadband will allow those in regional areas to access services online, this may also result in a loss of face-to-face services.
In other words, while you will be able to consult a doctor, accountant, lawyer or teacher online more easily, you may not be able to see one in person, as they will have moved to the city or to another country.

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