Friday, January 31, 2014

Victorian ICT Workforce Development Plan

The Victorian Government has issued a draft "Victorian ICT Workforce Development Plan" and invited comments in an online forum. This aims to improve the supply of people with business technology skills. I have suggested use of Work Integrated Learning (WIL). This allows students to use what they are doing at work in their studies (and what they are studying in their work). This is a lot easier with blended and on-line courses, so the student can fit their studies in with work and other commitments. As an example, students are now signing up for my course "ICT Sustainability" at the Australian National University. This is run on-line and the students can do their assignments about their workplace.

As an example, I have a student where the employer wants them to finish their degree in four weeks, instead of six months, so they can take up a new role. I have worked out how to compress a semester long postgraduate course into four weeks, for an undergraduate. They will do the course while sitting in their workplace, doing assignments which are also part of their job.

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