Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Train ACT Government Staff in Online Engagement

The ACT Government is running a "Digital Canberra Citizen Forum" to crowd source ideas for "Digital Canberra". I am not sure what "Digital Canberra" is, it is probably a one-off event, or the sort the City of Melbourne ran last year. But in any case I have submitted  a suggestion "Government Staff in Online Engagement":
The ACT Government has the technology to interact on-line, but the staff and MLAs are not trained in how to do this. Communicating on-line in a professional was does not come naturally, even to the digital generation. This is something people need to learn to do and be tested they are competent. The Federal Department of Finance has run some "Online engagement course for the APS", which I helped with.But more formal vocational training courses, which have specified competences are required.

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