Monday, August 12, 2013

Fix ACT Government Fix My Street Website

Recently I was asked why a road sign had been changed. Rather than ask in a general on-line forum, I suggested the inquirer report the matter to the agency responsible for the road. If you don't know which agency, you can try Some of the government services by this name can be difficult to use, for example while the ACT Government has a web page titled "Fix My Street", it does not seem to have an actual service for reporting street problems. Instead the ACT Government has 25 different services:
  1. Abandoned Vehicles
  2. Air Pollution & Noise
  3. Bicycle Paths
  4. Domestic Garbage Bins & Collections 
  5. Damaged or stolen bins may be reported on the Canberra Connect website.
  6. Driveways
  7. Election Campaign Signage
  8. Footpaths
  9. Graffiti
  10. Grass
  11. Litter & Illegal Dumping
  12. Nature strips
  13. Pot Holes
  14. Roads
  15. Road Safety
  16. Road Signs
  17. Shopping Trolley
  18. Stormwater
  19. Street Lights
  20. Street Sweeping
  21. Suburban Parks & Playgrounds
  22. Survey Infrastructure (Survey Marks)
  23. Traffic
  24. Traffic Lights
  25. Other

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