Friday, August 30, 2013

SPAM from Palmer United Party

Today I found I had 21 email messages from Clive Palmer of the Palmer United Party. I understand that political parties are exempt from Spam legislation, but apart from urging everyone I know to not vote for the Palmer United Party, is there some way to stop this? Can Mr Palmer's companies, which presumably funding this Spam, be prosecuted?

Two of the emails were to my ACS addresses, two to my ANU addresses and the rest my company addresses. Some of the addresses I have not used for some time. It appears that the Palmer United Party harvested the email addresses from web pages.

The email contains a link to Alacrity Technologies, which appears to be a reputable company (with a reference from the Royal Australian Navy on its home page). Alacrity might want to consider the negative effect on its reputation which an association with Spammers will have.

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