Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Barcamp Canberra 2012

Barcamp Canberra 2012 is on Saturday 17th March 2012. This is a very well organized "un-conference", if that is not a contradiction in terms. It is free and is better than many of the paid conferences I attend. The theme is usually around government and Internet technology, but strays into other areas. No doubt there will be people talking about 3D printing, as that is trendy. At BCC2011 I talked about "Designing for Dialogue" (there was also a wired sign on the door saying "Please help keep this building a Comic Sans free zone"). At BCC2010 I talked on "Making e-Books for e-Learning on i-Pads" and at BCC2009, it was "National Bushfire Warning System". I don't know what I might talk about this year, but it may be to do with the e-learning revolution in higher education. One of the pleasures of the event is that you are under no compulsion to speak, or not. I decide what to talk about on the day.

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