Friday, February 03, 2012

Mobile Monday Sydney on M-Learning

I will be speaking at the first Mobile Monday Sydney for 2012, on "New Ways of Learning to Work: With E-books and E-Learning", in Sydney, 7:00 pm on Monday, 6 February 2012.

The Prime Minister announced extra funding for vocational training this week. This opens up new business opportunities for innovative e-learning via smart phones and tablet computers. Tom Worthington discusses his award winning "ICT Sustainability" course and how he uses e-books and on-line discussion forms to deliver globally accredited education to students worldwide:

1. New Government Funding for vocational education
2. Learn to Fight Climate Change With Your Mobile
3. Delivering courses in mobile formats
4. Getting students to work together on-line

See also "Work-Integrated-Learning: With E-books and E-Learning".

Also Dan Nolan from VTalk will be speaking on "VoIP via Mobile Phone" and Mark from Binu on "How to Make a Feature Phone Smarter using the Cloud".

ps: My last talk for Mobile Monday was "Wireless Internet for Emergencies" for the MobileMonday Global Summit in Malaysia. This is being held in conjunction with the 2008 World Congress of Information Technology.

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