Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Dokeos Open Source Leaning Management System

At the Australian eLearning Congress in Sydney,Will Ford, e-Learning Content Author at Sony Australia, described how they use the Dokeos Open Source Leaning Management System to provide product training for sales people. They use Flash for content, but he is looking at using HTML5 in the future. The also use Audacity for audio and DAZ Studio for animations. He also uses no-free products, particularly Adobe Creative Studio 5.

Will pointed out that audio and video may cause problems for some students (who may be in a noisy shop on a slow Internet connection), so content should also be provided as text. He also showed a video game developed which had a course test built into it. He commented that while visually enguaging, this provided unpopular with people who were less skilled at video games (so this was used as formative feedback mid course, rather than as the summative assessment).

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