Monday, February 20, 2012

e-Government for China

Last week I talked to a visiting Chinese delegation on "Framework for e-Government: Security, Green ICT and Data Management". For this I ran my notes through Google Translate to produce:
  1. Notes: 安全,绿色ICT和数据管理
  2. Slides: 幻灯片
The translation is not perfect, but seems to have been of use. What is remarkable is that the web based "HTML Slidy" slides survived the translation. I found I had to refer to my English notes to work out what I was looking at on screen. But Google Translate also leaves the English version embedded, so that if the cursor is placed over a line of translated text, the original pops up.

Some other web pages survived the translation well, such as my course notes for ICT Sustainability: 信息和通信技术的可持续发展:低碳未来的评估和策略

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