Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leadership Training Courses

LinkAfter having not been able to work out what Martineau & Hannum's book "Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Development: A Professional Guide" (2004) was about from the preface and introduction, I looked at the web site of their Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). It was still not clear what the center did as the introductory material talks about "leadership programs" in the same vague way the books does and most links start Flash animations containing minimal information.

However, I found a description of "Leadership at the Peak" which is described as being 5 days, with an average class size of 12 and an instructor/participant ratio of 1:6. This suggests CCL are offering management training courses.

This leadership course is $US11,600 for tuition ($US2,320 per day). That is about twice the cost of ANU Executive short courses. It is not clear if the course has formal assessment which is recognized by professional bodies (the ANU offers optional assessment with credit towards a Certificate, Diploma or Masters). The ANU's five day intensive courses (plus assessment) are equivalent to a 6 credit point semester long course (notionally 10 hours of student work a week for 13 weeks).

So I conclude that by "program" the book is referring to a training course, equivalent to a semester long postgraduate university course, similar to the ones I run. There evaluation techniques in the book should therefore be applicable.

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