Thursday, January 19, 2012

Australian eLearning Congress

I am the first speaker on day two of the Australian eLearning Congress in Sydney, 7 to 9 February 2012. My topic is: "Work-Integrated-Learning with E-books and E-Learning":
  • Forming small multi-disciplinary teams of students
  • Setting workplace-relevant student tasks
  • Delivering course content in tablet-ready format
  • Encouraging students to work together on-line
I will be relating my experience of designing and delivering a course in ICT Sustainability using cloud service and eBooks on tablet computers with international graduate level students at the Australian National University and the Australian Computer Society.

About the Congress:

Workforce training is widely recognised as an important force driving business performance. Professionals involved in learning and development are therefore continuously looking for ways to make sure they are delivering the training the organisation needs, and that people want to do and actually learn from. Over the past decade eLearning has become an important feature of the training and learning landscape, because of its time and cost efficiency and flexible way of getting knowledge across to the targeted people. However, the world of eLearning is constantly changing and new technology, more recently mobile and social technology, are being introduced.

This two-day congress will provide you with opportunities to hear timely and topical case studies from organisations who have successfully implemented eLearning and deployed emerging tools and technologies.

You’ll hear about:
  • Demonstrating the benefits and ROI of eLearning
  • Developing successful strategies for eLearning implementation
  • The capabilities of games and mobile and social technology in achieving your objectives
  • Leveraging informal and social learning and knowledge sharing
  • Engaging learners and creating a culture of continuous learning and development

Other speakers include:

Scott Mengel, Education Training & Development Officer, Department of Defence; Alan Jephtha, Learning Technologies, KPMG; Will Ford, eLearning Content Author, Sony Australia; Associate Professor, Philip Uys, Director, Strategic Learning and Teaching Services, Charles Sturt University.

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Tom Worthington said...

The draft notes for my talk "Work-Integrated-Learning with E-books and E-Learning" (and the Slides) for the Australian eLearning Congress in Sydney, 8 February 2012 are avialable. Please send comments and corrections. Other speakers are from the Department of Defence, KPMG, Sony Australia and Charles Sturt University.