Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free Training on e-Learning for Vocational Educators

The Canberra Institute of Technology is running a free professional development program for Vocational Education Training (VET) practitioners in the ACT to learn about e-learning. This is part of the National VET E-learning Strategy. CIT provides excellent training on-learning, which is applicable to universities as well as the TAFE sector and for in-company training. The catch is that to be eligible for these programs you generally need to be from a Registered Training Organization. (not all Universities are RTOs).

The program runs between February and June 2012:

This six month program is designed to support educators who want to:

  • Work with learning tools and designs for maturing technologies such as mobile technologies (phones and tablets)
  • develop learning designs for virtual and online learning environments ( focusing on Moodle and Connected Learning Community)
  • generate their own web based content that is easily accessible and reusable
  • reuse free learning content from a range of sources or create their own
  • learn the basics of technology and design for le-earning

Face to Face workshops or online seminars include:

Learning activities Using QR codes - Thursday, February 16th, 4.00pm – 5.30pm, CIT Southside campus- Registration opens February 2nd

QR codes are tailor-made for quickly and easily linking to content from smartphones or tablets without the use of keyboards.

They are two dimensional so store far more information than a conventional bar code. They are cheap, quick and easy to create and

can form the basis of many keyboard free and non-classroom based learning activities.

Deconstructing Moodle for better learning designTuesday, 28th February, 8am – 9.30pm CIT Southside campus - Registration opens February 13th

Developing Learning designs for Moodle courses can be problematic because there is always a tension between balancing the use of Moodle’s inbuilt activities, incorporating

Web 2.0 tools and working with the “flat” structure of the Moodle learning environment which can be seriously constraining. This workshops considers how to break free from structures imposed by Learning management systems and online learning environments and move towards more collaborative, networked and knowledge sharing learning designs.

More information to follow for:

Creating and reusing digital learning resources: accessing national collections and user generated content - Tuesday, March 20th

E-Explorers - E-learning basics - TBA

Mini course designs for mobile devices - Tuesday April 3rd

From classroom to online - TBA

Creating “easy to access” resources: What formats work best for your students – Tuesday, May 22nd

Learning Design Tool - TBA

Registration for these workshops will be available via Survey Monkey

For more information contact Helen lynch on ph 6207 4031

Helen M. Lynch, BA, DipEdStud, MEdAdmin, PGC Online Education
Senior E-learning Consultant,
National VET E-learning Strategy
Collaborate Vroom

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