Thursday, August 18, 2011

e-Learning Course on Green ICT Strategies: Part 18 - New Version

After considering formats for the green IT course notes (see Part 17), they are now available as a book "ICT Sustainability: Assessment and Strategies for a Low Carbon Future", in limited release as a paperback, with the content also available as a web site. I would welcome corrections and comments.

These are the revised notes for a course offered by the Australian National University (COMP7310), Australian Computer Society (GTS), and Open Universities Australia (ACS25).
The notes have been updated from "Green Technology Strategies: Using computers and telecommunications to reduce carbon emissions" (Worthington, 2009). Changes include:
  1. Skills descriptions: Two SFIA sustainability skills have (SUST: Sustainability strategy and SUAS: Sustainability assessment) replaced the six ICT skills specified previously.
  2. Structure: The course has been divided into two sections, each covering one of the two skills.
  3. Assignment Titles: The descriptions of the two assignments have been changed to match the two skills.
  4. Reference Changes: The number of links to external sources and also internal links (particularly to the Glossary) has been reduced, to avoid confusing the reader. The list of sources cited has been consolidated into one section at the back and Harvard style references used.
  5. Title: ICT Sustainability has replaced Green ICT in the title, to match the skills descriptions used.

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