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Sustainable ICT Workshops in Sydney

Nicola Hogan will be running Green ICT workshops in the Sydney region, 4 to 5 October 2011. Universities and other organization interested in participating can contact Nicola directly.

Nicola is the the Sustainable ICT Project Manager for the SUSTE-TECH Project at the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). SUSTE-TECH is a UK Government funded project (JISC), which aims to measure and reduce energy use of ICT systems in universities.

Here is the text from a presentation about SUSTE-TECH:

JISC funded SUSTE-TECH project,
Nicola Hogan, Project Manager

Principle Aims of the SUSTE-TECH Project
To help Universities and Colleges across the UK become more sustainable in their choice and use and disposal of ICT systems
  • Help inst. reduce ICT related energy use, thus reducing CO2 emissions & running costs,
  • Improve inst’s. “green credentials” : lead to an increase in college applications, help with funding, avoid penalties.
Applying to Participate
  • Rules for participation: completion of Suste-IT tool and of Action Plan.
  • Mix & Match of sustainable ICT, implement more than one sustainable option and all have proven successful in CO2 emission reduction.
The Participants
Received 15 applications to participate
  • 10 completed Suste IT tools
  • 14 Action Plans
  • 7 Y&H , 3 Welsh, 5 South West Institutions..
Good mix of FE & HE inst.
  • 10 HE , 4 FE, 1 mix…all with similar ICT problems.
Results of Suste-IT Tool
Suste IT Tool Results indicated that ..
  • Servers , PC’s and Networks are the main consumers of ICT related energy followed by Imaging.
lesser extent : HPC’s, Telephones, VC equipment.
No surprise results, ….similar regardless of size of institution

Participants Action Plans
Servers : 11 inst : Decommissioning, Virtuilaising, consolidating servers or moving servers off site
PC’s & Monitors :14 inst tackling their PC & monitor energy consumption by replacing with Thin Client, PC power down, VDI desktop, procuring for greener computers.

Participants Action Plans
Networks : only 2 institution tackling their networks,
Printing :7 inst. are consolidating to MFD’s, introducing charged or code printing, printing double sided by default
VC : only 1 inst. will increase the use of VC
Telephones: 1 inst. is addressing IP phone use

Participants Action Plans
Inst. are implementing a “general” energy management system,
  • Automatic or timed powerdown of ICT equipment,
  • creating awareness of campus wide energy use,
  • recycling ICT equipment,
  • green procurement,
  • auditing and consolidating all ICT equipment
But all are lowering running costs & reducing waste

What do the Results Indicate?

based on data already submitted significant improvement in the past 5 years
however ..
  • huge scope for improvement..
  • Many of the changes are simple,
….just not being carried out!

Why not ?
1. Cuts in Funding !!
  • Leads to staff shortages,
  • Freeze on green initiatives
Solution : focus on quick wins
  • PC powerdown, printing double sided by default, awareness campaigns, procuring for greener equipment …are all free.
Why not ? (cont.)
2. Poor Communication!!
  • Between ICT, Energy & Environmental Managers, and Facilities, Buildings & Estates and senior management….no follow through on initiatives.
Solution : 4M’s
  • Do the math,
  • meet with all stakeholders,
  • merge ideas with technology and
  • make IT happen.
Final Message
  • Energy Reduction is Important
  • Save money
  • reach carbon targets,
  • improve institutions green credentials,
  • green ICT makes life easier for everyone
Any questions ?

Nicola Hogan’s Contact Details.
E-mail : Nhogan(a)
Phone : (01242) 714321 (M) : 07771841903
Twitter: NicICT
Weblink :

From: SUSTE-TECH Project, Nicola Hogan, EAUC, 31 March 2011

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