Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Structuring the e-Document Course

Previously I grouped 8 SFIA Skills for an Electronic Document and Records Management course at the ANU under three headings:
  1. Strategy & architecture
  2. Business change
  3. Solution development and implementation
This is still too much to do in a six week course. The third heading was also a little too technical for this sort of course, so I dropped"Solution development and implementation".

This leaves:
  1. Strategy & architecture
  2. Business change

Under these I have to fit the topics:

Somewhere in here I need to discuss:
  1. Records Management
  2. Metadata
  3. Information Structures
  4. Electronic Document Formats
  5. Social Networking/Web 2.0/Gov 2.0
  6. Implementation in Business
I could fit most of these topics under the SFIA headings:
  1. Strategy & architecture
  2. Business change
But e-Document Formats and Social Networking/Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 do not appear to fit anywhere in the SFIA scheme. This may be similar to the situation when I designed a Green ICT course and SFIA had no categories for such skills. SFIA responded by adding the categories, but it took more than a year from my making the request to implementation.

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