Friday, February 04, 2011

Survey of Course Content Authoring Tools

A Survey of Course Content Authoring Tools is being conducted by Lachlan Blackhall from the Educational Development Group, College of Engineering & Computer Science at the Australian National University. This is to see which would be suitable for engineering and computer science courses. Lachlan would like to get input from beyond the ANU and educators are invited to complete the survey. Tools being considered include Moodle and ICE.

ANU has been conducting blended learning in its Engineering 'Hubs and Spokes' Project in collaboration with the University of South Australia. Papers on the project, are avialable.

ANU is also conducting a series of free hands-on Education Innovation Workshops during February 2011. These are intended for those developing courses with ANU's "Wattle" (Moodle based) Learning Management System. But educators from other educational institutions are welcome to attend:

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