Wednesday, February 23, 2011

University Web Rankings

Webometrics have released a 2011 ranking of the websites of universities around the world. Not surprisingly, MIT, Harvard and Standford top the world list. The top 11 universities are US, followed by National Taiwan University. Also, not surprisingly, the Australian National University tops the Oceania List. The top nine universities in the region are Australian, followed by University of Auckland.

The ranking process is intended to measure and encourage universities to use their web sites to provide open access to information, but not just formal academic papers. It uses some measures similar to those used for ranking universities, such as size and number of publications. However, the web ranking uses the size of the university's web site and the number of publications on Google scholar, rather than size in terms of staff/students and number of formal papers. The web ranking does not include number of Nobel prize winners the institution has produced. However,, it is interesting that the results for the web ranking and general university rankings are similar.

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