Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Use of Telecommuncations and Effect of Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Had a call from Channel 7 asking me to talk to the Sunrise team ("Mel" and "Kochi") at 3pm about the effect Tropical Cyclone Yasi will have on telecommunications and how it will be used to deal with the emergency.

One topic is how websites can be used to provide information for people to prepare for a cyclone and deal with recovery. Channel 7 itself has a useful list of Cyclone emergency info. One tip is to look at the web address for "" to see the information is from the Queensland government. Channel 7 lists:

  1. Weather Bureau cyclone warnings
  2. Queensland Disaster Management
  3. Emergency Management Queensland
  4. Cairns Regional Council
  5. Cassowary Coast Council
  6. Townsville Council
  7. Storm surge info
A list of Evacuation Centres is also provided, but there does not appear to be a government web site for these.

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