Monday, February 14, 2011

Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy

The University of Canberra released a "Framework for an Australian Capital Territory Clean Economy Strategy - Economic, Environmental and Social Perspectives" commissioned by the ACT Government in 2009. The full report is ( MS Word 1.4MB or PDF 1.17MB).

Actions would fall across the broad areas of:

  • green buildings
  • utilities
  • renewable energy
  • transport
  • business and industry development
  • research and development
  • environmental management

  • green procurement
  • human capital development and skills training
  • education and awareness.

With particular priority lying with the first four areas it further concludes that in order to drive actions in these areas, the government should:

  • embrace a leadership role;
  • leverage existing business and industry development programs to a green development agenda;
  • support ACT-based world-class research and development to enhance the local benefits that will result;
  • develop human capital and develop a future workforce plan with a focus on ‘green skills’ needs and
  • monitor, measure and set goals. ...

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