Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Creative Commons for Government

QUT have provided a "CC & Government Guide: Using Creative Commons 3.0 Australia Licences on Government Copyright Materials". This follows the seminar on government use of open access at Parliament House last month (which I spoke at). Presenters slides from the seminar are also available.


This guide explains how copyright law applies to Australian government material, how copyright can be managed to facilitate beneficial open access practices by government, how CC licences can be used to achieve open access to government material, and provides practical step-by-step guidance for agencies and their officers on licensing and use of government copyright materials under CC 3.0 Australia licences.


1 Who should read this?3
2 Government Material / Public Sector Information 4
3 Intellectual Property Policies and Standards5
4 Open Access6
5 Copyright 8
5.1 Copyright ownership 17
5.2 The rights of copyright owners 21
5.3 Copyright licensing 22
5.4 Why a copyright-based licensing approach?23
5.5 Creative Commons Public Domain Tools26
5.5.1 Creative Commons Zero (CC0)27
5.5.2 Public Domain Mark (PDM) 27
5.5.3 CC0 and PDM28
5.6 Current licensing practices 28
6 Enabling Open Access: Creative Commons 30
6.1 Open (content) licensing 30
6.2 Creative Commons licences 31
6.3 How Creative Commons licences operate 34
6.4 Advantages of Creative Commons licensing 37
6.5 Changes introduced by version 3.0 of the CC licences 42
6.6 Legal application: How to use Creative Commons? 45
6.7 Technical application: How to apply Creative Commons? 62
7 Final checklist 72
8 Factsheets 73
9 Further information 81
10 Appendices 82
Appendix I: Intellectual Property Policies and Standards 82
Appendix II: Which CC Licence is right for me? 87
Appendix III: CC Legal Code, Attribution 3.0 Australia licence 88
Appendix IV: Table 1 – Creative Commons 3.0 Australia Licences – Minimum Markings,
Copyright Licensing Statement and Attribution Statement 93

From: CC & Government Guide: Using Creative Commons 3.0 Australia Licences on Government Copyright Materials, Fitzgerald, Anne M. and Hooper, Neale and Foong, Cheryl, QUT, November 2010

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