Monday, July 12, 2010

Wold first Moodle Moot HTML5 Presentation

Greetings from Moodle Moot Au 2010 at the award-winning Melbourne Convention Centre. My talk on professional e-learning went okay. There were some anxious minutes when in the well equipped (and staffed) speaker's preparation room I found my Slidy based presentation was not compatible with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 being used. Instead of carefully crafted web slides, I got a blank blue screen. With a quick update to HTML Slidy, I got this to work. As my web page was using HTML5 (a hot topic at the conference) I am claiming this as a world first for a Moodle Moot presentation. My presentation was in the mobile Moodle session and there seemed to be broad agreement that the way to go was with HTML5 tweaked slightly for Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android, not using "Apps". More on that in the next post.

By the way during my talk I mentioned how I saw US Marines doing "mobile computing" on a warship: they used gaffer (duct) tape to hold their laptops in place. After the talk I bought a coffee at the convention centre cafe (just to the left as you enter from the main door). As well as coffee, the shop sells items for people setting up exhibition standards., including duct tape, which I took as a good omen.

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Deborah Veness said...

The tricky technology traps we encounter! Glad it worked out, Tom.