Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pocket Interactive Whiteboard

Pocket Interactive WhiteboardPioneer Computers Australia, who sell an unusual range of computing devices are offering a "Pocket Interactive Whiteboard", the DreamVision iPen. This is not really a whiteboard, but a wireless pointing device to use with a computer screen. It has a hand held unit and a sensor connected by USB to the computer. The product description is not detailed, but the device seems to work by the pointing device projecting a laser beam on the display screen which is located by a camera in the detector.

If it works, the iPen device would have advantages over systems which use ultrasonic detection, as it would require only one sensor, which can be located remotely from the display screen (near the projector) and the presenter would be able to stand back from the screen. The device could then be used in a large lecture theatre with a large projection screen and with the lecturer mingling with the class. However, there are gyroscopic mice which claim similar features and have not proved popular.
Interactive whiteboard is emerging as an important tool in the education and business presentation market. iPen is based on new technology, one step ahead of the interactive whiteboard. Imagine, as the tool is in the pen, how easy it is to carry around, move from classroom to classroom, without having to stick to one board. With the iPen, an interactive platform is created. You can alter the content of the file, write on screen, sketch on screen, position the cursor, select icon, adding flair to your presentation / teaching. All the required functions are managed by the iPen. There won’t be any need to use the keyboard. The iPen is easy to install and user friendly. Presenter can start using with minimal training. ...

From: "Pocket Interactive Whiteboard", DreamVision iPen, Pioneer Computers Australia, 2010

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