Friday, November 21, 2008

Profiting in a Carbon Future, Sydney, 3 December 2008

Bond University will be running a one day workshop in Profiting in a Carbon Future in Sydney 3 December 2008.
Profiting in a Carbon Future
Tips, Traps and Tactics
3rd December 2008, Sydney

An interactive workshop which addresses the commercial
and risk management challenges associated with a carbon

On a global scale, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are
relatively small. However, on a per capita basis, we rank
as one of the three highest greenhouse polluters on the
planet. The Australian Government hopes to turn this around
through an ambitious Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
that will challenge relevant businesses in all sectors to
reduce emissions by potentially 25% by 2020 and by 90%
by 2050.

How will you identify and capture the rewards that will
emerge from the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme for
trading of emissions of greenhouse gases in Australia?
This practical half-day workshop will provide an invaluable
forum for discussion of recent proposals for emissions
trading in Australia.


• Overview of the international and domestic frameworks and
laws for regulating pollution
• Fundamentals of emissions trading: Australia’s Carbon
Pollution Reduction Scheme
• Understanding the approach of the Department of Climate
Change: Green Paper, White Paper and beyond
• Impacts arising from issuing, acquiring or trading of
Australian emission units
• The future of corporate social responsibility and
environmental compliance
• Opportunities to increase revenue and decrease
expenditure ...

Expert Panel Presentations

Tor Hundloe AM: Beyond the Emission Trading Scheme
Emeritus Professor Tor Hundloe is a Professor of Environmental Science and Environmental Management. ...

Damien Lockie: Environmental Legal Issues
Damien Lockie is an Adjunct Professor of Law and Barristerat-
Law. ...

Stuart McAuliffe: Carbon Economy Risks and Opportunities
Stuart McAuliffe specialises in finance and sustainable development. He has extensive commercial experience in advisory and directorial capacities focusing on project assessment, structuring and finance, joint ventures and strategic alliances. ...

Ned Wales: Carbon Science and the Environmental Agenda
Ned Wales is an Assistant Professor in the Mirvac School
of Sustainable Development. ...

• Business Leaders
• Company Chairs
• Directors
• Managing Directors
• CEOs
• Accountants
• Finance Managers
• Lawyers
• Risk Managers ...

From: Brochure for Profiting in a Carbon Future, Bond University, 2008

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