Monday, November 10, 2008

ICT in 21st Century Health Delivery

Ian Bull will be talking on ICT in Health Delivery in the 21st Century at the ACS Canberra meeting 11 November:

The role of ICT in the delivery of health initiatives has come to the front with both the Federal and ACT governments have announced new strategies particularly in health and patient records and the concerns about security and privacy.
Ian will provide an overview of key National activity and explain the role of the National EHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) and how ACT Health initiatives link to the national activities.
Ian Bull has been working in Health involved in Information Management and a variety of Health ICT implementations for both Public and Private Organisations for over 20 years. His present role is with ACT Health is concerned with the coordination of National EHealth Initiatives being progressed through the National EHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) and their links to ACT Health ICT Initiatives.

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