Friday, November 28, 2008

No energy measures e-Tax tender

The Australian Taxation Office has issued a Request for Tender for "Maintenance and Development of the e-tax System" (id:08.079 27-Nov-2008). There is a detailed 28 page Statement of Requirement. However, there is no requirement to measure or minimise the energy and Co2 emissions from the system in the "Measures of success" for the project. There should be a requirement for the total carbon emissions to be predicted and reported and for options for reduction to be included.
The Contractor will be required to:
  • maintain the Client Application and Server Infrastructure Software
  • design, build and fully test any changes required to the Client Application and Server Infrastructure Software
  • ensure that the Client Application functions correctly according to functional specifications and User requirements prepared by the Tax Office
  • provide an architectural blueprint in respect of the design of the e-tax System, as well as other technical documentation required by the Tax Office
  • develop and deliver to timeframes specified by the Tax Office, e-tax System documentation outlined in section 13 of this Part Two;
  • deliver the e-tax System prior to the go-live date of 1 July each year, allowing the Tax Office time to conduct necessary testing to ensure a quality product
  • support the e-tax System during production
  • project manage the design, build, testing and delivery of the e-tax System
  • provide regular status reports during all phases of the project
  • evaluate the e-tax System provided according to agreed Tax Office criteria, including the measures of success outlined in section 5 of this Part Two.
From: Statement of Requirement, Part 2, Request for Tender for Maintenance and Development of the e-tax System, ATO, id:08.079 27-Nov-2008

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