Friday, November 28, 2008

Measuring the effectiveness of e-Learning

The NZ Ministry of Education has issued a Request for Proposal for a ICT PD Cluster Programme Research Review Project". This is to review the ICTPD School Clusters Programme, which aims to provide e-learning for school teachers. The RFT asks some questions relevant to any e-learning program:

4.2 Establish and document the value of the ICT PD programme

Identify and provide evidence of the value of the ICT PD programme in terms of:-

  • Increasing the capability of teachers to effectively use ICTs in their practice; through a cluster model;

  • Effectiveness of the cluster model;

  • Impact on outcomes for students;

  • Strengthening professional learning communities (CoP);

  • Impact on whole school development.

4.3 Establish and document the best practice findings from the programme

  • What are the key features of the current programme model that are best practice and could be retained in any future model?

4.4 Research and document international approaches to ICT PD

  • How does the NZ approach to ICT PD compare internationally?

4.5 What is the future scope of the ICT PD initiative?

  • What are the key strategic ICT PD objectives for New Zealand?

  • What are the key requirements of the sector for ICT PD support (recognising that schools have a range of experience and e-capability)?

  • What is the relationship between different ICT PD initiatives in developing the e-learning capability pathways of schools?

4.6 How could future programme provision better support the needs of the sector?

  • How could future programmes address the changing needs and differing contexts of New Zealand schools?

  • How can the relationship between ICT PD initiatives be strengthened to provide e-learning capability development pathways for schools?

4.7 Development of Recommendations

Recommendations will include:-

  • Requirements for ICT PD in NZ schooling sector over the next five years;

  • Revised implementation model/s for a National e-learning PD programme;

  • Level of funding required for continued e-learning capability building in the NZ schooling sector;

  • Interim solutions required in the transition period to a new model. ...

From: ICT PD Cluster Programme Research Review ProjectRequest for Proposal, NZ Ministry of Education, 27 November 2008

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