Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fishburners Startup Workspace in Sydney

Last night I attended the Sydney Educational Technology (SydEduTech) Group and talked about "MOOCs with Books" at the Fishburners Sydney Co-working Space. Originally I had assumed that "Fishburners" was the name of a fish restaurant, but it turned out to be a building dedicated to providing low cost shared office space to new start-up businesses (including a 3 days for free trial). The building is an old warehouse converted to offices in New York loft style (there is als an office in Darlinghurst). There is a shared kitchen, games and presentation room, where we had the SydEduTech meeting. It happens that some of the occupants of the building I recognized as fellow participants in the Canberra Innovation ACT program at the ANU, where we were learning how to deveop a new business idea.

The name Fishburners come Fishburn, which was one ships of the first fleet which arrived in Sydney in 1788. It is not clear why the enterprise is named after the ship. But this is not the first hi-tech venture to have a confusing name.

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