Saturday, March 16, 2013

Australia Disaster Management Platform

Diagram of Australia Disaster Management Platform
Work to develop an Australia Disaster Management Platform (ADMP) was announced 14 March 2013 by University of Melbourne, IBM, and NICTA. This is intended to bring together geo-spatial data to help with planning before, and management during, disasters.It is not clear if the system will be made freely available or restricted to paying customers. The Ushahidi visualization and interactive mapping system is already available as free open source software and has been used in disaster management. Also the free open source Sahana Eden disaster management software  has a Mapping module built in.  - Also it is not clear if ADMP will include provision for crowd sourcing data, or will be limited to official technical sources. Recent disasters have shown that the usual official sources of data are limited and in many cases incorrect, with "group truth" provided by the general public being more accurate and up to date.

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