Friday, March 22, 2013

Big Data Strategy

An Australian Government Big DataStrategy — Issues Paper has been released for comment. The term "Big data" is used for datasets larger than those usually used in an application and which are difficult to analysis with conventional techniques. The older term used for this is "Data mining". Government can use data analysis for  "evidence-based" policy and services: that is where the policy and service deliver is based on real world information, rather than just theory. The leading agency for data mining is the Australian Taxation Office, using "Rattle" developed by Graham J William at the ATO, as a front end for the R statistical programming language. The Australian National University has an ANU Data Mining Group and courses in:
  1. COMP3420 Advanced Databases and Data Mining
  2. COMP8400 Algorithms and Techniques for Data Mining
  3. COMP7410 Data Mining and Matching
  4. MATH3346 Data Mining Honours

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