Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tipping Point Reached with e-Books

Some years ago I published a book with's print on demand system. They had an option to also offer a PDF versions of the book. Later the option of ePub format eBooks (as used by Apple iPads) was added. Today I got a message from to say they had converted my books to eBooks for Barnes and Nobel's on-line store for the Nook eBook reader. This was curious as I don't recall asking them to do this. Also they went to the trouble to list my old books, not the new ICT Sustainability, which I went to the trouble of carefully formating for eBook readers. The last and most interesting aspect of all this is that used to list paper books and then have an eBook as an optional extra. They have now reversed the emphasis, listing eBooks and then noting if there is a paper version available.

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