Thursday, October 27, 2011

ACT Government Website Continues to Fail Web Tests

Yesterday I wrote that the ACT Government's Open Government website home page failed a number of automated web code tests. The ACT responded, saying they had fixed the problems against WCAG 2 level A. So I reran the tests:
This is an improvement, particularly with the accessibility. But it is not clear why there are still any validation errors and why the mobile compatibility is so low.

The page is 219.8KB, with 197.2KB of this images. Most of the space in images is taken up with copies of the same shaded blue background, with a small icon and a few lines of text over it. Of the 22.6KB for the document, about 2 KB is text. Optimizing the images and re-formatting would reduce the size of the document and make it easier to use on mobile devices.

ps: In comparison Google's home page has 39 HTML errors (due to the incorrect coding of the ampersand "&"). It also scores 100% on the Mobile test, with a total size of the page of 6KB (document: 3.7KB, images: 2.3KB).

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Tom Worthington said...

The ACT Legislative Assembly IT Manager contacted me to say they have recently commenced a project to upgrade the parliamentary website. This includes accessibility and mobility. After a consultation process, they aim to have the new site in production in twelve months.