Tuesday, October 04, 2011

How Do I Cancel a Qantas Flight On-line

Qantas airlines have an on-line booking system. I managed to use this to book some flights, but now I need to cancel them and can't see how. The Qantas help system says "cancel your flights select the 'Cancel Flights' button in the 'Your Flights' panel on the Manage Your Booking Page". But I can't see the word "cancel" on the "Manage Your Booking Page". I tried searching for the word, but "Cancel" appears nowhere on the page. I tried sending a message to Qantas asking how to cancel the flights, but an automated system replies saying "... changing the date or time of your booking is easy at qantas.com", which is clearly not true.

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Tom Worthington said...

I phoned Qantas to ask how to cancel the flight. I was told that In was not eligible to cancel the flight on-line as I had previously made a change by phone (which was news to me). I was then put on hold for an extended period. Qantas then refused to cancel the ticket. There seems to be something serious amiss with the Qantas booking system.