Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hi-tech to see at Putrajaya, Malaysia

I will be at Putrajaya, Malaysia, in mid October 2011 for a conference. Any suggestions on what hi-tech to see in the planned city? I have 10 and 11 October free to look around and can give a talk to local ICT and education practitioners, if anyone has a venue and would like to host a talk.

On my last visit to Malaysia, I gave a talk on emergency use of mobile phones at the MobileMonday Global Summit, in conjunction with the 2008 World Congress of Information Technology. This talk was not planned as I was actually there for the Malaysian Corporate Governance Conference at the Securities Commission. But I read in the local newspaper that the WCIT was on, when I looked out my hotel window, there was the conference venue. So I sent the organisers a message to say I was in town and they responded with an invitation to fill in a gap in the program due to a canceled speaker.

Putrajaya has many similarities to my home in Canberra. Both are planned cities, specifically designed as a national capital. Both have landmark buildings around a lake. Canberra is subject to criticism for being artificial, but is a very pleasant place to live.

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Tom Worthington said...

Apparently it is Cyberjaya I should visit in Malaysia to see hi-tech. This is next to Putrajaya and they share the same railway station.