Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is on Tura Beach?

Object on Tura BeachIn the lake behind Tura Beach (NSW) I noticed what looked like a bit of a jetty. But this was not connected to the land and one end sloped down into the water. On the land nearby I noticed what appear to be something of the same design lying on the ground. This was about four metres long, made of screwed plywood. It had three white PVC pipes attached to the top in a parabolic curve. What is it?

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo at Tura BeachBehind the dunes there are
Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatos. There were eating Banksia "cones", much the same way people each corn on the cob: gripping the cone in one claw, they picked the seeds out with their beaks, rotating the cone as they went. The birds can also be seen on the nearby Tura Beach Country Club golf course.

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Anonymous said...

Yellow Tail Black Cockatoos are my favourite big graceful bird, not usually seen around Canberra city and suburbs. Large numbers came into the suburbs in South Canberra after the 2003 bushfires destroyed much of the ACT local timber plantations, but they haven't been around the last couple of years.
I was surprised to see 3 this morning near the Prime Minister's Lodge, definitely inner suburbs.