Thursday, May 06, 2010

Defence Semantic Web Intelligence System

The Australian Department of Defence has issued a Request for Tender for the intriguing sounding "Project Riddler", which appears to be a semantic web based strategic intelligence system.
The Customer has a requirement for a Commercial Off The Shelf software product which supports the following key capabilities:
  • Storing and editing knowledge in a centralised ontology based repository;
  • Ability to support a minimum of 100 concurrent users;
  • Changes to knowledge and recently imported knowledge should be available for access by other users within a short timeframe;
  • Management of ontology must be flexible and easy to change by sepcified users;
  • Searching, filtering and visualising the knowledge in multiple different ways;
  • Direct access to the stored knowledge via a documented API; and
  • Fine grained security access controls to the knowledge. ...
From: "Project Riddler", DISG 2010/10, Request for Tender, Department of Defence, Intelligence, Security and International Policy, 5 May 2010

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