Friday, February 12, 2010

Possible Google Adwords Scam

In the mail I received a letter offering a Google AdWords $75 free advertising trial. However, after following the instructions to register on the Google Adwords site, I was told that the particular voucher had already been redeemed. Is this some sort of scam?

I tried calling the phone number on the letter (there was no email or street address for "Jason Chuck, Head of Marketing, Google Australia and New Zealand"). I got a recorded message: "All circuits to the destination you are calling are busy, please wait a few moments and try again".

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Tom Worthington said...

Looks like my adwords problem was a system glitch. Eventually I found where to check the account balance and it is showing a $75 credit. This is $10 better than I was expecting, as Google charge a $10 connection fee. So in effect I got a $85 credit, rather than $75.