Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leichardt Climate Change Taskforce

The Leichardt Council in Sydney has formed a Climate Change Taskforce and aims to carbon neutral by 2012. There are two strategies being prepared: one for the council itself and one for the community. Meetings are held every two months, with the community invited (agenda and minutes are online).

The meetings are not well attended, with only six community members attending the last meeting in November 2009. I have suggested to Mayor of Leichhardt Jamie Parker (Greens) that the Council invite input online for those who can't attend in person. It would also help if the council replaced its hard to read PDF agenda and minutes with web pages. This would also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the documents. It would also make the information more widely avialable and promote what Leichardt is doing. A good model is the Green Technology Advisory Group for the town of Westborough, in Massachusetts, USA.

Climate Change Taskforce

Council has formed a Climate Change Taskforce to investigate:

  • The policies and actions required for the Council to become carbon neutral by 2012 with an emphasis on carbon reductions and enhanced ecological sustainability; and
  • To develop a program of actions that will reduce the carbon footprint of the community by addressing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, education and engagement with the wider community, and lobbying and advocacy.

The Climate Change Taskforce - Corporate Strategy and Community Strategy meet bi-monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month commencing in March.

The Corporate Strategy meeting is held from 6pm - 7pm and the Community Strategy meeting is held from 7pm - 8pm in the Leichhardt Town Hall Supper Room. The community is welcome to attend the Community Strategy session.


Climate Change November Agenda Community (127.02kB)Climate Change November Minutes Community (281.79kB)
Climate Change November Agenda Corporate (673.06kB)Climate Change November Minutes Corporate (126.19kB)
Climate Change September Agenda Community (391.75kB)Climate Change September Minutes Community (25.20kB)
Climate Change September Agenda Corporate (694.48kB)Climate Change September Minutes Corporate (49.61kB)
Climate Change July Agenda Community (134.67kB)Climate Change July Minutes Community (187.71kB)
Climate Change July Agenda Corporate (182.74kB)Climate Change July Minutes Corporate (23.38kB)
Climate Change May Agenda (60.00kB)Climate Change May Minutes (236.98kB)
Climate Change Taskforce March Agenda (29.24kB)Climate Change Taskforce March Minutes (33.66kB)

From: Climate Change Taskforce , Leichardt Council, 2009

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