Monday, February 01, 2010

Sydney Metro Alternatives

I still can't work out exactly what Sydney Metro's response to my submission (and others) on the Environmental Assessment and the Station Plans was, despite an email, with a letter they had already sent me (appended).

The email did not say anything new, but on re-reading this I noticed mention of: "Table 5 in Appendix D for a reference list". It did not say what this was appendix D of, but I guessed it was "06 Submissions Report - Appendix D". On the last page of this document (page 28) I found a line in a table which said: 4.11
4.16 2536 4.6. I assume this indicates that submission 2536 is covered by sections 4.6, 4.11 and 4.16 of the report. Why these details are listed in this order is not clear. This is about as easy as a numerological analysis of a biblical text. I was able to find "4.6 CBD Metro – the first stage", but the report does not appear to have a section 4.11 or 4.16, as it ends at 4.7.

One interesting part of this document is the table which indicates that the most frequently raised issue is alternatives to the Metro.

Table 2: Most frequently raised issues (unique submissions*)
* Excluding government stakeholders
1Alternatives to the metro project 4.6263
2General business impacts (construction)4.64126
3Project cost4.9120
4Need for an integrated transport plan for Sydney4.11118
5Justification for the project4.7117
6Socio-economic issues at Rozelle4.6899
7Project route and alignment4.1273
8Metro network4.1072
9Project design4.1770
10Excessive noise and vibration4.4162

Text of letter from Sydney metro:


Level 19, 321 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
PO Box Q286, QVB Post Office NSW 1230
T 02 8238 2700 F 02 8238 2797

Mr Tom Worthington
1 February 2010

Submissions Report for Sydney Metro Network Stage 1 (Rozelle to Central)

Dear Mr Worthington

Thank you for your submission on the Environmental Assessment for Stage 1 of the Sydney Metro Network (Rozelle to Central).

As part of the project assessment process, Sydney Metro has prepared a Submissions Report detailing the issues raised in submissions and our response to each issue.

Your submission was registered as submission number 2536 and our response to the issues raised in your submission can be found in this report. (See Table 5 in Appendix D for a reference list.)

The Submissions Report outlines some changes made to the project as a result of our consideration of the submissions received and additional design information. We have also updated our Statement of Commitments which includes a number of new initiatives, such as purchasing 100 per cent renewable energy to operate the metro.

Sydney Metro has lodged the Submissions Report with the NSW Department of Planning for consideration as part of the project assessment process. The report is now available on the NSW Department of Planning website ( – go to the Major Project Register in the Development Assessments section of the website). A link to the Submissions Report is also available from the Sydney Metro website (

Pending approval of the project, construction works are scheduled to start in mid 2010. We will continue to keep the public informed of progress through our website, community newsletters and media announcements.

Please do not hesitate to call 1800 636 910 if you have any questions or need more information about the submissions process.

We look forward to working with you to develop this essential public transport system for Sydney.

Rodd Staples
Acting Chief Executive

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