Thursday, February 04, 2010

Data Centre Green Technology in Melbourne

Data Centre GreenTech Melbourne 2010 is on 26th February 2010, with William Ehmcke (Connection Research), Albert Y Zomaya (University of Sydney), Graeme Philipson (Connection Research). I will be speaking on "Training Green Technologists": Here is draft outline (correction, comments and suggestions welcome):
Training Green Technologists

Tom Worthington
Green Technology Course Designer
The Australian Computer Society

For Data Centre GreenTech Melbourne 2010, 26 February 2010


Industry needs professionals trained in sustainability,

ACS green ICT course started in 2009:
  • Accredited formal postgraduate course,
  • e-Learning via the Internet on iPhones,
  • Designed by Tom Worthington FACS,
  • Offered by ACS, ANU and OUA

Green Technology Strategies
  • Learn online with others,
  • 12 weeks, 10 hours a week,
  • Exercises about your workplace:
  1. Estimate the carbon footprint of ICT,
  2. Assess ways to reduce the carbon footprint with ICT.

Energy saving - Data Centres

Seven steps:
  1. Determine the required services
  2. Consolidate and virtualise servers,
  3. Invest in low-energy IT equipment
  4. Optimise the layout
  5. Optimise airflow
  6. Invest in low-energy cooling
  7. Account for energy

Courses and Book

Postgraduate Programs of:
  • Australian Computer Society,
  • Australian National University,
  • Open Universities Australia:
  • Curtin, Griffith, Macquarie, Monash, RMIT, Swinburne & SA.

Book and e-book also available

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Tom Worthington said...

Bernard Robertson-Dunn comments that "A more advanced, comprehensive and effective approach is contained in the whole of government data centre strategy that was presented to government at the end of last year."

Unfortunately, the strategy, prepared by KPMG, has not been made public.

Tom Worthington said...

A correction to my comment February 08, 2010 8:14 PM:

Bernard Robertson-Dunn has advised that KPMG were not associated with the production of the whole of government data centre strategy. This was done by the Australian Government Information Management Office.