Sunday, August 30, 2009

Patterns for Designing Military Computer Applications

NCOIC Patterns are a set of freely guides for designing military computer applications. These would be of use in software engineering courses to teach the use of pattern languages and in building civilian emergency and security systems. NCOIC is a non-profit Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium, promoting the interoperation of computer applications and data communications used by the military.

NCOIC provide numerous technical overviews of their work. These are provided in the form of PDF documents, Powerpoint slides and synchronised multimedia presentations. Unfortunately these suffer the problem of many defence related documents being unnecessarly large and complex.
  1. Technical Overview
  2. Building Blocks Database
  3. Mobile Emergency Communications Interoperability Report
  4. Mobile Networking Overview
  5. Mobile Networking Evaluation (MNE)
  6. Instant Messaging Protocol Functional Collection

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