Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kogan Agora Netbook now under $500

A few weeks ago purchased a Kogan Agora Netbook Pro, for $569 delivered. The machine has worked well (see my blog posts) and I have adapted to using Linux in place of Windows XP. But perhaps I am one of the few, as Kogan have reduced the price by $100.

About my only complaints with the Agora were:
  1. No printed installation guide and no electronic user manual on the disk (I had to download the manual from the web),
  2. WiFi is difficult to set up and seems slow,
  3. Have not been able to get a USB 3G mobile broadband device to work,
  4. Shiny black top.
What works well:
  1. More than fast enough for email, web browsing and office applications,
  2. Open source office, email and web applications work well,
  3. Updating of software online works better than on Windows XP,
  4. Works well with USB flash devices, printer, DVD drive and external hard disk,
  5. Looks at home at the cyber cafe amongst much more expensive netbooks,
  6. It is is an understated black, not white, or pink.
The Agora works well as my main computer. In the office I plug it into a large screen, keyboard, mouse and Ethernet. The unit fits comfortably on the desk between the external keyboard and LCD screen. When out of the office it is adequate to use with the 10 inch screen and undersize keyboard.

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