Friday, March 21, 2008

Australian interactive cricket web site

The National Museum of Australia have issued a request for tender for someone to build them an interactive display about Australian cricket. This is likely to create a lot of interest from cricket mad web developers in India. ;-)

The tender calls for Flash. Developers need to keep in mind that Australian law requires that such services be accessible to the disabled, which requires a little extra work when using Flash.

The National Museum of Australia seeks the services of an appropriately qualified organisation to develop the Australian Cricket Flash-based interactive for the new Australian Journeys gallery at the National Museum of Australia. The required services will comprise of:

  1. Creative concept development
  2. Functional and technical specification
  3. Interface design
  4. Post production of archival film
  5. Programming and development of the interactive in Adobe Flash ...
From: Australian cricket interactive, ATM ID NMAT0708/14, 20-Mar-2008
They also have a tender for "European Voyages interactive".

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K said...

Hi Tom

Thought you might be interested to know that an online version of this interactive is now live on the Museum's website:


Karina West
National Museum of Australia