Thursday, March 06, 2008

ICT Governance

Ian Hirst talked about "IT Governance Principles and Issues" at the ACS Canberra Conference. He went through with the audience what governance was, why we need it, issues, principles and success factors. But I am still uncomfortable with the term "governance", as in many cases it is used as a substitute for "project management". Governance seems to have been appropriated by business from government.

One interesting point Ian made is that the Australian ICT Governance standard (AS8015-2005) has been selected by ISO to fast track as the international standard. There is a slight disconnect with this work as the ICT governance standard comes from the ICT area, and was in advance of and separate from more general governance standards.

Oganisations of all types and sizes are challenged when they consider, plan and decide on IT investments. Decisions that have significant risks or rewards need to be well informed, well thought through and well implemented. Governance structures are a means for making effective evaluation, selection and monitoring of significant investments and commitments. This breakout session will be a guided discussion of governance covering the following key items ...


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