Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Commercialisation of ideas

The Australian National University's Staged Business and Commercialisation Program is running a competition for students and staff for ideas which can be commercialized. There is A$1000 for the best ‘elevator pitch’ and best ‘executive summary’ and A$25,000 in financial, legal, and patent advice for the top two projects. There might be some ides in this for the Canberra 2020 summit on innovation.
Innovation ANU is a staged commercialisation and business development program for ANU students and staff designed to transform talent, creativity, and energy into tomorrow’s leading business and commercialisation ideas.

The program will provide participants with seminars and workshops on commercialisation and business planning, mentoring and guidance from professionals, and opportunities to work and collaborate within an interdisciplinary team.

Participants will have the opportunity to submit business or commercialisation plans, which will be judged by members of the ANU and local community. The top two proposals will receive awards of A$25,000 and financial, legal, and patent advice from top local firms.

All participants will also be eligible for the best ‘elevator pitch’ and best ‘executive summary’ awards of A$1000 each.

Launch Event

Come to our exciting Launch Event to find out more.

When: 6pm, 19 March 2008 ...

From: What is Innovation ANU?, Staged Business and Commercialisation Program, 14 March 2008
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